Alicante Airport History

Since 1964 when the Alicante Airport was initially built, it has grown into a very popular place for all sorts of passengers, traveling locally as well as to international destinations. Three years later after the construction was complete, the airport was also open to cargo traffic. Popular airlines, such as Aviaco Convair and Iberia began join the traffic at the airport in the early days. The runway was initially designed to be 2,700 meters which was impressive.

The local routes consisted of flights which were directed to the various coastal areas in Alicante. This made it more convenient than flying from another airport in the area. The amount of traffic began to grow and the airport became more popular. Because of the amount of passengers traveling, there was a big demand and they realized that a new terminal needed to be built in order to accommodate people. They planned this in phases, with the first phase accommodating international travelers, and the next building was occupied for national flights.

The traffic continued to grow, making them realize that airplane parking was necessary. This was extended as was the runway. In the 1960’s, there were 2 million passengers using the airport. In the 1990’s, there were 9 million passengers using the airport on an annual basis. This is a well maintained airport where upgrades are given constant attention for the benefit of the passenger, and their safety.

There are now more airbridges that have been constructed, as well as offices for the various airlines that operate at the airport. There are many people who prefer to leave their cars at the airport, and there is now extended parking facilities for individuals who prefer to keep their cars safe at the airport. Parking rates are also reasonable, so many people prefer to keep their cars here because of the convenience.

Since opening and constructing the airport in the 60’s, the airport has grown in size and in the number of passengers. There are now many facilities available. In 2011, it was recorded that there were 6000 passengers moving through to board the planes. In addition to that, this number worked out to be 20 million per year. It is no surprise, since the airport is located in such a convenient location, for both local travelers, businessmen and women, as well as international travelers.

There are many business people who make their way to the airport, and they make use of VIP lounge and restaurants before boarding one of the aircrafts. Tourists can take advantage of the booking of hotels while they are waiting. There are also tour operators available, providing one with the latest information. Shops are duty free, which is always helpful before you depart on a holiday.