Alicante Airport can be considered as one of the busiest airports that can be found in Spain. It consists of three different terminals, which are being used for the transport of regular passengers. The building that is associated with the passenger terminals is known as New Terminal Area (NAT). However the other two terminals, which are named as Terminal T1 and Terminal T2 have been closed at the moment and they are inaccessible to the public.

Alicante Airport is located in a strategic location of Mediterranean Coast. The key destinations that are connected with this airport include Netherlands, Germany and UK. On the other hand, Alicante Airport serves a large number of national destinations as well. They include Madrid and Barcelona as well. This airport was formerly known as El Altet. However, the name of it was recently changed to Alicante Airport. The airport has gone through some significant renovations throughout the past as well. As a result, its capacity was increased to 20 million passengers per year. At the moment, Alicante has become one of the busiest airports in the country.


The New Terminal Area of Alicante Airport was opened back in March, 2011. It has the ability to handle a large capacity of about 20 million passengers per year. This amount is equivalent to more than 6,000 passengers per hour. NAT can be considered as the only passenger terminal that is in service as of now. The NAT building consists of four different floors.

The key service that is offered by NAT building of Alicante Airport is terminal departures. It is possible for you to find two different departure halls in this building. Both international and domestic departures are facilitated by it. In addition, ticket offices for all the airlines that operate at the airport are available at Alicante Airport.

Passengers who want to get access to the boarding area at NAT will have to get through few security checkpoints. These security checkpoints are located in the Departures Hall Level 2. The boarding area has been divided into two different areas as the dock and the processor. It is possible to find a passport checkpoint as well based on the destination.

NAT passenger terminal has got 26 different boarding gates. In addition, it is possible to find 15 different air badges, which are distributed throughout the two boarding areas. Level 0 consists of arrival halls along with both domestic and international arrivals. In addition, you will be able to find lost and found section, toilets, taxi stands, PMR meeting points, free Wi-Fi, money exchange and tourist information counters at Level 0. The level 2 consists of the offices of tour operators, free Wi-Fi, food and drink vending machines, access to tour operator busses and PMR meeting point. The Level 3 consists of toilets, free Wi-Fi, multipurpose room and the VIP lounge. It is possible for the people to get additional information related to these by visiting the official website of Alicante Airport.

Alicante Airport

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