Visiting Alicante

Alicante city is considered as a historic Mediterranean port. Based on the estimation in 2011, the city was occupied by 334,329 people. Therefore, it was called as the second most populous Valencia city in Spain.

About Alicante City, Spain

Alicante City is one of the most frequented tourist destinations in Costa Blanca thanks to its wonderful boulevards characterized by palm trees and shopping streets. Alicante acts as a starting point for many tourists every year courtesy of its miles of sandy beaches and hotels.

This is one tourist destination with excellent weather and the city itself is quite alluring such that it tempts you to take a trip along the wonderful island of Tabarca or along the coast. Long beautiful alleys can be found along Alicante harbor and they provide the perfect settings for relaxing walks as you enjoy the mild climate and the whispering palm trees.

At Alicante City you will find many historical buildings which offer countless eye-catching attractions, from churches to cathedrals, coupled with an amazing harbor area. In addition to wonderful sites, the wide sandy beaches leading to San Juan offer a nice spot to enjoy a wonderful day in the sun and sand.

One of the most famous tourist attractions in Alicante City is the Castle of Santa Barbara. Located on Mount Benacantil, slightly above the city, it is a sight to die for in this Spanish city. This castle has a very rich history dating all the way back to the 9th century AD. San Nicolas Cathedral is also another popular tourist attraction site in the area whose history dates back to 1662.

Another great aspect of the city is the fact that it’s lined up with cafes and restaurants which offer wonderful places to relax and experience the city’s beauty. Tourists also get a chance to experience traditional Spanish cuisines and delicious Mediterranean recipes. On the 24th of June, tourists who are lucky enough to be visiting during this period are able to take part in the St. John Bonfire festivity.

The nightlife experience in Alicante is quite exquisite and is characteristically fuelled by energetic students, fun loving residents and the many tourists. If you are a party animal then Alicante nightlife will surely satisfy your appetite.

Alicante Airport

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