Alicante Airport Taxi
Alicante Airport Taxi
Alicante Airport Taxi

Alicante Airport Taxi

As a major city in Spain, Alicante welcomes millions of visitors each year coming to enjoy the Mediterranean coastline and gorgeous water views. Since it’s such a popular city and airport, there are many transportation options available to you during your stay. As you plan your Spanish holiday, it’s helpful to know a little information about these options, so we put together this guide to give you all the information you need about Alicante airport taxis and transportation.

Many tourists who fly into Alicante Airport, which serves as the gateway to the whole Costa Blanca region, may want to get to their respective hotels first and fast without using the airport restaurant and bar facilities. Alicante airport taxis offer a very fast and convenient form of transportation especially for those who deem hiring a car an unnecessary expense. These enable tourists to move to their villas, hotels and apartments from the airport very cheaply. Charges from the airport to Alicante will cost approximately €12 onwards, depending on the distance covered. The other advantage of using this service is that the taxi ranks are conveniently located just near the airport terminals.

It is also very safe to use Alicante Airport taxis since the drivers are licensed and insured. This is in light of the fact that there have been cases where other taxi services operating along the Costa Blanca use drivers who are unlicensed and uninsured. If you want to travel to some of the popular tourist destinations including Albir, Alfaz Del Pi, Bennisa, El Campello, Denia, Cabo Roiq, Villamartin and La Manga, then Alicante Airport taxis services are the best.

Alicante Airport Taxi – Intercity routes

DestinationOrdinary rateSpecial rate
Alicante19 Euros21 Euros
Altea74 Euros83 Euros
Benidorm67 Euros74 Euros
Elche23 Euros25 Euros
Santa Pola22 Euros24 Euros
Torrevieja52 Euros60 Euros
Calpe85 Euros95 Euros
El Campello35 Euros38 Euros
Villajoyosa57 Euros66 Euros


TypeMinimum fare:Price/kmWaiting time
Ordinary1.55 Euros0.91 Euros19.26 Euros
Special1.80 Euros1.07 Euros22.23 Euros
*Prices are approximate and may change without prior notice. . Tolls are not included.

Where to Get a Taxi at the Alicante Airport

It is very easy to get a taxi from the Alicante airport. There are taxi ranks outside both the arrivals and departures hall. The arrivals hall is on Floor 0 and the departures hall is on Floor 2. Simply head outside, cross the street, and follow the icon for the ‘taxi’ symbol and you will be find a queue of taxis waiting to take you where you need to go.

Cost of an Alicante Airport Taxi

The cost of a taxi from Alicante Airport will depend on where you are heading. Unlike other countries, taxis are not metered here, so all fares are determined by a book of predetermined prices per area. However, no matter where you’re heading there is a 4.25€ surcharge for every taxi trip that originates from the airport. The Radio Taxi Elche website offers discounts for booking and paying in advance, so you can check their website for deals and further information.

The fare is also determined by the time of day, so the normal fare from 6 a.m. to 10 p.m. will run about 20€ depending on your specific destination, and require a 3.80€ minimum fare. Late nights, weekends and holidays tend to have higher fares and require a 4.30€ minimum fare.

If you’re looking to get to downtown Alicante from the airport, it will be about a 20 minute (9km) ride and will cost about 20€. There is a fixed transfer rate from the airport to downtown of 19€ during normal times/days and 21€ during late nights, holidays and weekends.

Alicante Airport Taxi Companies

The official airport taxi is Radio Taxi Elche. You can easily spot these taxis by a green stripe that runs the length of each vehicle and the official coat of arms of Elche on the doors.

If you need more information about Radio Taxi Elche, you can find their information desk in the arrivals hall of the airport. The company offers discounted fares for booking ahead on their website, and if you need assistance with booking ahead of time you can contact them at

Look out for Taxi Scams

While Alicante is an overall safe town, it’s always advisable to be aware of your surroundings and potential scam situations. Since taxis aren’t metered in Alicante, all the rates are predetermined by a book with specific rates per area. Before your drive takes off, clarify the final amount and if there are any hidden fees such as loading luggage, or a special rate for a bank holiday. If the fare seems suspicious, then politely decline and exit the vehicle. Stay away of your surroundings, be polite but confident and you shouldn’t run into any issues during your trip to Alicante.

Alicante Airport Taxi FAQ

The average taxi ride between the two locations takes about 20 minutes. However, you can expect the journey to take longer if you are traveling at a busy time of day such as rush hour. And if you are traveling at quieter times then the journey might be quicker than 20 minutes.

The taxi pickup location is outside the main terminal’s arrivals section.

The fare to the city’s downtown is €39.

Yes. Whether you are taking a taxi from the airport into the center of Alicante, or whether you are riding from the city back to the airport, a surcharge of €4.25 applies.

Airport taxi drivers might charge you either the cheaper ordinary rate or the more expensive special rate depending on the day and time that you are traveling.

The ordinary rate applies every Monday to Friday from 6am to 10pm, and from 6am to 3pm on Saturday. The minimum fare when taking a taxi ride under the ordinary rate is €3.80.

The special rate applies every Monday to Friday from 10pm to 6am, and from 3pm onward every Saturday, Sunday and on each public holiday. The minimum fare when taking a taxi ride under the special rate is €4.30.

No, tipping is not mandatory and you can choose not to give your driver any extra cash. However, it is always welcome by the drivers and if they have delivered you to your hotel or other accommodation smoothly and safely, consider tipping them a few Euros. Be sure to have some loose change on hand before you get into the taxi so that you can pay for the tip.

Yes, you can simplify by journey by booking your taxi in advance. If you do this, a driver will be waiting for you inside the airport arrivals terminal and they will hold a sign with your last name written on it. Identify yourself to the driver and they’ll take you to their taxi.

No, never take a ride from anyone that comes up to you in Alicante Airport who promises you a cheap taxi ride into the city. That’s because these drivers are almost always unlicensed and your safety cannot be guaranteed. Only enter taxis waiting at the pickup area by the airport.

Alicante Airport

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