Alicante Airport wifi & Internet ACCESS

Wi-Fi internet access is available throughout all terminals at Alicante International Airport.

Choose either a Free or Paid Wi-Fi access offer.

Free Wifi

Free unlimited WiFi is available at Alicante Airport terminal.

1) Connect to the “kubiwireless” network. (SSID: Airport_Free_Wifi_AENA).

2) Request any website and the device will display the login page.

3) Select the sponsored free product you want to navigate with.

Quik Facts

– unlimited time

– Limited Download speed

– basic navigation

– offered by advertising

Premium wifi Service

For Premium services -maximum speed, passengers can choose between three wireless internet-access-modules.

24 hours per device: €4,90.
24 hours up to 4 devices: €9.
30 days per device: €15.

Taxes included. Valid at airports and hotels with Kubiwireless hotspots.

Benefits of the KubiWireless Service

Mobility: Access the Internet without any wires from any place of hotspot.

High speed: it permits access to the Internet up to 11Mbps, in other words, not a second lost:

-To browse rapidly.

-Send and receive electronic mail with huge attached documents.

-To access rapidly the resources of the corporate intranet.

Efficacy: Wi-Fi has consolidated as the global standard for wireless networking. Its efficacy is fully proven. Besides, the services works with any Wi-Fi certified card in the market.
Easy to use: if your laptop is equipped with Wi-Fi card, you just have to open your browser, identify your username and start browsing. If you don’t have a Wi-Fi card, we shall provide you one, and with a simple and easy configuration you will have the service.

You will also have a technical support service that will answer any doubts you have.

Kubi incorporates security mechanisms through access control system and components of network security.

Reap the benefits of Kubi Network: we offer you to contract the service in a hotspot and use it in any other hotspot of the Kubi Network.

More wifi & internet options

Additionally, you will find computers with printers and mobile charging at these internet access points: Floor 0, Arrivals Hall – Floor 2, Departures Hall – Floor 2, Commercial Area – Floor 2, Boarding Gates B22-23 – Floor 2, Boarding Gates B32-33 – Floor 2, Boarding Gates 46-47.