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Alicante airport offers a wide variety of parking spaces to cater to all of its many flyers from around the world.

Over 20 parking companies offer their services at Alicante airport parking. There are different ranges of parking: the meet and greet, free transfers and indoor and outdoor parking among others. The parking companies also offer other services at certain rates. Getting a park at Alicante airport is relatively easy with a parking building located right outside the terminal building.

The entrance to the Alicante airport park building is located on the left with the main entrance located on the right, along with two walking tunnels. The terminal building is located to the right also, and the walking tunnels lead directly into it. The parking building has a 2.1m height limit, and when exceeded, you might have to use the open air parking space.

The parking structure is found directly opposite the main entrance of the airport’s terminal building, and with one main entry way. The entry way terminates at another entrance further down that way, where rented cars are returned. These drop-off point services most of the major hire companies, while smaller companies sometimes make use of the main parking entrance. The parking lot building runs through five levels, from the ground floor, level zero to rooftop level 5.

For parking motorcycles and bikes, no special parks are designated, they can, therefore, be parked in any regular lot within the park building. The only problem might arise from the need to be manually passed at the exit gates as the cameras can’t automatically read the bike plates. You would need to notify the cashier at level 4 of your intent to move your bike so that the exit will be manually opened.

Parking options for the parking building

General car park P1

Official car park a few metres from the Terminal. Covered parking spaces with management and security personnel.

Contact information

Tel: 966 919 411

First class car park

Located on the fourth floor of general parking. Directly connected to the terminal. Covered parking spots with management and security staff

Contact information

Tel: 966 659 853 / 902 230 270

Express car park

The express car park at Alicante-Elche Airport, located opposite the terminal on the approach road to Departures, offers convenience and exclusivity for collecting passengers.

Contact information

Tel: 966 919 411

Long-stay car park PL

Official car park a few minutes from the terminal. Covered parking spaces with management and security personnel. Allows vehicles over 2.10 m tall and campers.

Contact information

Tel: 966 919 411

Alicante Airport

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